Take business calls from anywhere, even if you’re not at your desk with One Talk T67LTE.

Introducing Verizon One Talk T67LTE. With a dedicated 4G LTE connection that allows you to make calls without any extra wires or strain on your business internet, this is a device that is built for business continuity and reliability.
Benefits of One Talk With One Talk, you can stay connected to customers whether you’re in the office or on the go. One Talk offers a variety of benefits, including:   - A mobile-first experience that lets you share a single number across multiple devices, enabling boosted mobility and ease of switching between desk and compatible mobile devices seamlessly.   - Call rings to both on-site and on-the-go devices, thereby reducing the dreaded voicemail vortex by eliminating missed calls.   - Offers enhanced business communication features such as automated receptionist capabilities, streamlined call forwarding and scheduling options, and optimized conference-call features.   - Increased productivity by reducing downtime in trying to track down missed messages or making callbacks.