Vivint is a home service provider that is opening the door to the connected home of the future. An ultimate all-in-one service provider takes full responsibility for the security and safety of your home. Vivint Smart home ensures that you never go out worrying about the locks, theft or any breach of security. The motto is to install a carefree notion in your mind. You need not lift your finger during and after the installation process, except for operating your home through your phone.


Doorbell camera
This lets you see who is at your doorstep without you opening the door.

Outdoor camera
Facilitates monitoring the garage.

Ping camera
It is an indoor camera to keep a watch on the activities in your home.

24*7 Video recording
Records everything for the real-time experience later. Features massive video storage without the massive bill.

Smart locks
Smart home does what the boss commands. This features locks door automatically through the touch on your phone.

Element thermostat
Vivint thermostat blends your home to your needs. Cools down when you are on your way home or heat up in a blizzard.

Garage door control
Notifies you when you forget to close your garage door and does it for you.

24*7 monitoring
In case your alarm goes off or you forget locking the doors, Vivint notifies you immediately.

Vivint Smart home app
A built-in feature that learns when you are home, away or asleep. Automates home temperature and optimize your family’s comfort.

SkyControl Panel
An intuitive user interface that bundles all your smart home controls into one place.

Amazon Echo
Control that recognizes your voice above any background noise so that your controlling experience never hinders.

Burglary detection
Door and window sensors alert Vivint Sky when triggered. Makes you never doubt your security with smart home.