Benefits of LTE Business Internet

✓ Reliable  ✓ Flexible  ✓ Simple  ✓ Secure  ✓ Portable  ✓ Efficient  ✓ Fast

Put LTE Business Internet to work.

Our LTE Business Internet solution provides connectivity straight out of the box, whether you need primary connectivity or a backup for your wireline service, or anything for your business.

Rural Worksites

According to an American Innovators report, 66% of rural small businesses say poor internet connectivity negatively affects their business. Get a reliable and affordable plug-and-play internet solution that's fast enough for your day-to-day business needs in remote areas.


Temporary and Mobile Sites

Connecting temporary work sites (like pop-up stores, seasonal distribution centers and construction site trailers) can be challenging, because of long installation wait times, limited provider options, and inconsistent service quality. Get added flexibility with a connection that can go nearly anywhere your business takes you.


Home Office

For many employees, sharing bandwidth at home can impact their productivity and may introduce security risks. Keep your work-from-home employees productive with dedicated, secure internet without worrying about sharing bandwidth.


Backup and Failover

Construction, weather events, planned or unplanned maintenance can all cause internet disruption that can be costly for any business. Use LTE Business Internet as your backup to help keep your business connected and minimize potential impact if an internet disruption pops up.