Dish- An entertainment experience that revolves around you.

Dish identifies your needs in home entertainment and improves to provide the best solutions in products and services. It helps you to enjoy your TV more than ever.


New Alexa Integration

Dish’s new integration with Alexa lets you use your voice to control the TV with Amazon Echo.

Hopper 3

The most powerful DVR that understands you and talks to you. Helps you find the remote, acts as a voice guide to the list of TV channels, skips unnecessary commercials and helps you to record up to 16 TV shows..

Dish anywhere

Dish delivers your entertainment to up to five devices simultaneously. It is the only TV provider that gives you access to 100% of your live and recorded content anywhere. Works even without internet connection.


A portable DVR that can fit in the palm of your hands and be carried anywhere you go. It requires no internet connection and streams your recordings anywhere on up to 5 devices without taking up space or data on them.

Internet and Phone buddies:

There are lots of ways to customize your DISH TV and internet service. DISH has the most flexible TV plans out there, with options that are as skinny or loaded up on channels you want.