Expect the best


R Wireless is the fastest growing Authorized retailer for Verizon. We have over 39 stores in nine states and setting up new ones almost every month. Our focus is to provide you the best Products, Services, Customer Experience, Deals and what not. We offer everything you need to amplify your digital lifestyle, at home or on the go. When you step into our store, you open doors to highest satisfaction which stands as our motto. We deal in a wide range of smartphones, tablets and wireless network connections with the latest plans and accessories so that you never have to compromise on the latest trends. Over and above this, we assure you of the reliable network where the speed remains unquestioned.

As Verizon’s authorized retailer, R wireless has the best quality products in store for you. With a wide range of Smartphones, Tablets, and wireless connections. We help you stay connected with your loved ones on the most reliable 4G LTE network. We provide 100% expertise in Android, Apple, Tablets, Vivint and DishTv devices and are happy to help in any way we can.

R wireless strives on giving the best deals to you because we believe in developing relations with our customers. Watching videos and playing games on the big screen has never been more fun, which is why our fast network wins your heart and justifies your phone’s speed.

Our staff is highly competent in serving and assisting you with your concerns. Your requirements are our utmost priority and we make sure to offer deals and plans that fit everyone’s needs.


Our employees cater to your needs with utmost diligence and patience. Their knowledge and expertise come in handy for further services that you may need. Our team’s focus centers on your fulfillment for which they put in a lot of efforts. When you shop with us, we try our best to make it worthwhile because your time is important to us. R wireless ensures you an enriching experience on the best deals suiting your needs.

Mission statement:

  • As Verizon’s authorized retailer, our purpose is to provide the fastest and the most reliable wireless network to our customers and make their lives easy on the go.
  • Our purpose is to deliver 3 best things. Your device, its network and the plans to run on it.

Vision statement:

  • Aim at becoming the largest retailer of Verizon in America by expanding the network throughout the country.
  • We envision America as the Largest connected nation with the most reliable wireless network.


“Connection needs no interruption.”
We aim at delivering a network which is not only fast in speed but also fast in terms of growth. You can’t escape from updating yourself on latest innovations with our rapid connectivity. Whether it is joining your friends for a game over the internet, reliving memories by sharing photos online or calling your loved ones across the globe, R wireless helps you in doing all this and much more at a better speed.